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Our confectionery products include colourful sugar pearls, popping candy & pretzel pieces. They are small & perfectly formed & make great sprinkles & toppings.

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21 products

You'll notice that some of our products are coated with vegetable fat or chocolate & this helps to preserve their texture wherever you decide to use them.  We use colours made from fruits & vegetables (yes - even the blue!) & natural flavours.  Whether it's a cake frosting or an ice cream ripple they're perfect for adding to ice cream, chilled desserts and beverages!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes popping candy ‘pop’?

Popping candy contains carbon dioxide gas (CO₂) which is trapped in the sugar pieces during the production process. When the sugar gets wet & starts to dissolve in your mouth, then the gas escapes with a characteristic crackling noise and popping sensation. To prevent premature popping it’s important to protect the candy from moisture & Bling Ingredients supplies popping candy coated with a thin barrier layer of fat so that the candy is protected when used in & on food like ice cream & cakes to keeps its POP until it reacts in your mouth!

What is popping candy made out of?

Popping candy is made from a mixture of sugars treated with carbon dioxide gas (CO₂) under pressurised conditions so that the gas becomes trapped in the sugar pieces. When the sugar dissolves the gas escapes. Bling Ingredients supplies barrier coated popping candy to help maintain ‘pop-ability’ so that the candy can be used as an ingredient to add excitement to a variety of food s like ice cream & trendy mocktails.

Where can you buy popping candy?

Bling Ingredients supplies popping candy in bulk catering packs of 10kg as well as convenient 1kg packs. These crackle crystals are barrier coated with a thin layer of vegetable fat to guarantee that your desserts POP!

What can I do with Bling Ingredients popping candy?

Bling Ingredients popping candy is the perfect ingredient to create excitement across a variety of dessert applications such as ice cream, chilled desserts, decorated cakes, doughnuts and many more. Why not try sticking it to the rim of a mocktail glass to add a whole new dimension...?