How to dough it

How to dough it

Making hot cookie dough desserts using Bling frozen cookie dough chunks literally couldn’t be easier. They’re quick and convenient to bake and we have a range of delicious flavours to choose from!

Our cookie dough is available to purchase in 18kg bulk cases that are perfect for dessert parlours, ice cream shops and restaurants or 780g pouches that are fantastic for baking in the comfort of your own home. Whether you just want to sample the flavours, have fun with the kids or make a giant cookie dough skillet.

The different ways to eat our cookie dough are endless. Use them to top waffles and yoghurts, fry them into pancakes, base your cheesecakes with them frozen or baked, or even bake them into goodies like muffins and cakes - or just snack on them raw, straight from the freezer . However, our personal favourite is as a whole hot cookie dough dessert. Skillet, takeaway container or just a bowl – we’ll take the lot!  

Want to dough it yourself? Here’s how we recommend making our desserts:

Please note that the following is based on a 100g serving


Looking for a quick hot fix? Not only is our dough super speedy to make in the microwave but its also a great way to get that extra gooey goodness! Because the microwave bakes from the inside this method of cooking stops your cookie dough from crisping up on the outside meaning it’s perfect if you’re looking for some extra gooeyness! 

Place your dough in a microwavable container and cook for 60-90 seconds for instant deliciousness.


We love oven baked cookie dough, it comes out with a crispy baked top & a delicious gooey centre - a real delight for the senses when paired with ice cream!

Bake in a home oven

It’s so easy to bake your cookie dough at home! Pre-heat your oven and bake the frozen dough chunks in an oven proof dish for 8-16 minutes at 180 fan. Be sure to keep an eye out so your dough doesn’t burn!

Bake in a double bake or restaurant oven

If you’re baking in a restaurant or desert parlour, you’re oven is likely to bake somewhat quicker than a standard oven. When we bake our desserts in a  Turbo Double Bake-Off Oven we tend to find that baking anywhere between 6-13 minutes works best, dependant on temperature and how crispy you want the dough to be. 

Air Fry

Air frying has become all the rage lately & it's an amazing way to bake our cookie dough chunks.  The dough comes out perfectly crisp on the outside and remains deliciously gooey on the inside! This cooking method makes for an absolute treat.

Scoop or pour your frozen cookie dough chunks into a dish and air fry at 180 for around 3-6 minutes, be sure to keep an eye on it so it doesn’t over cook!

Eat Raw

Raw cookie dough is one of our guilty pleasures here at Bling, and we've designed it to be completely safe eat unbaked.  Whether you’re looking for a bit of cookie dough snacking and want to munch away like a bag of crisps, or you want to nibble on a few whilst you wait for your dough dessert to cook or even if you simply want to top goodies like milkshakes, waffles, and cakes our cookie dough chunks are exactly what you’re looking for.

 No direction needed! Just pop the frozen pieces straight into your mouth and enjoy!

What’s more?

One of the best things about Bling cookie dough chunks is that it is so simple to transform them into completely original desserts. Take one of our delicious cookie dough flavours as a base and add a flavoured sauce topping like chocolate hazelnut or speculoos or even custard (!), add chopped candies or cookie pieces a scoop or 2 of ice cream (& maybe whipped cream too!) & you've created something insanely delicious.


Looking for extra guidance? Find us on YouTube for lots of delicious examples of how we use our dough!