Microwave Cookie Dough Dessert

Microwave Cookie Dough Dessert

A quick and easy cookie dough dessert that you can make in the microwave! 


1. Place a scoopful (approx 100g) of our chocolate chip cookie dough pieces or any other Bling  frozen cookie or brownie dough chunks into a takeaway box or other microwaveable container

2. Microwave from frozen for 90 seconds. 

3. Top with ice cream, dessert sauce & whipped cream for extra yumminess.

To avoid crispy edges & get a more even 'bake' we recommend to microwave the dough for 30 seconds, then take it out and let it rest for around 15 seconds. Then continue microwaving for a further 60 seconds to achieve ultimate gooey satisfaction.

Note: for larger or smaller portions please adjust timings accordingly