Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich

Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich

Waffles can only reach their full potential when you add ice cream, chocolate and lots of delicious inclusions!



As we enter National lockdown for the third time, it may seem like a never-ending nightmare (it kinda is). But not to worry, to get you through it we thought we would share this fun & tasty dessert that you can get creative with at home! Some may say this is a ‘summer dessert’- but we think it’s a winner all year round! All you need to do is take two waffles instead of one, and sandwich them with a slab of ice cream and of course your favourite Bling topping!



Using an ice cream scoop, spoon out 1 large scoop onto 1 waffle triangle and top with another. Dip into melted chocolate and garnish with your chosen toppings.

Tip: repeat this step as much as you like!

Suggested combinations:

- Vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with praline almonds

-  Strawberry ice cream dipped in roasted praline pecans

- Vanilla ice cream covered in caramel truffle pieces

- Strawberry ice cream dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in salted caramel sugar pearls.



Salted caramel sugar pearls

Praline almonds

Caramel truffle pieces

Praline pecans

Blue sugar pearls

Red sugar pearls

(Or preferred inclusion of your choice)

Salted caramel ice cream

Strawberry ice cream

(Or any flavour you like!)

230 grams dark chocolate bar, roughly chopped

Round waffles (or cut square ones in half)

We hope you enjoy making this dessert, remember the sky is the limit!