How to do cookie dough desserts

How to do cookie dough desserts

Dessert bars & parlours are big right now & the demand for hot ‘cookie dough’ desserts is booming.

Consisting of warm, partly baked cookie dough & sometimes known as a pizookies or skillet cookies, these yummy creations have been a feature on restaurant menus for a while now, but the rapid growth in dessert delivery has made these creations more accessible & desirable than ever.  

Satisfying our nations love for warm puddings combined with the fashion for eating raw cookie dough (& even cake batter), these desserts really do hit the spot & we can’t seem to get enough of them – especially when served with a scoop of our favourite gelato, a drizzle of sweet sauce & a generous topping of our favourite candy pieces.

Ideally suited for home delivery & takeaway, desserts like these are providing much needed comfort & pleasure to customers unable to eat out due to the Covid pandemic & an additional revenue stream for the clever restaurant that adds them to the menu!


Easy to dough

Extending your menu to tap into the trend & maximise sales opportunities is really easy using Bling Ingredients frozen cookie dough.  The frozen cookie dough chunks are simply scooped & baked straight from the freezer in a matter of minutes & if you want an even faster process, they cook into gooey perfection within seconds in the microwave.  

Offer customers a choice of spreads like melted chocolate or peanut butter, plus a selection of chopped candy bar favourites and a scoop of ice cream. Pre-freeze mini tubs of ice cream to accompany your desserts for takeaway & delivery orders.

Playful cookie dough

As venues open up & eating out becomes a thing again, customers will be looking for originality and novelty - dishes they can share with friends both in person & on social media.   

Our cookie dough chunks are the perfect ingredient to ‘play’ with and invent endless new dessert ideas. The little chunks of dough can be added to bakes such as brownies & muffins, and because they are perfectly safe & delicious to eat raw they are just right for adding excitement to milkshakes, waffles, cheesecakes and sundaes 

Pizza restaurants can use Bling cookie dough to add a simple, yet desirable sweet option to menus by offering pizza oven baked cookie desserts & it makes a wonderful crumble style topping for hot fruit puds too.

Have fun with it, stand out from the crowd & keep your customers coming back for more!