Soft Serve Topped Ice Lollies

Soft Serve Topped Ice Lollies

Hey Loco, looking to Bling up your ice lolly experience? Try out these delicious soft serve topped ice lollies!


What you’ll need:

Ice pops of any flavour (we used coconut)

Soft serve or ice cream

Hard setting chocolate sauce  

All of your favourite Bling ingredients (we used Red Sugar Pearls and Small Praline Hazelnuts)



Step 1: Run your ice lolly under a soft serve machine or place two scoops of ice cream directly on top of your ice lolly

Step 2: Thoroughly coat the lolly, soft serve side up, in chocolate sauce

Step 3: Pour over your chosen Bling ingredients making sure to move quickly so you get your toppings on before the chocolate sets!  

Step 4: Enjoy!