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Our fresh, ‘bake from frozen’ cookie dough chunks are designed to be simply scooped & oven baked straight from the freezer in a matter of minutes & can be cooked into gooey perfection within seconds in a microwave.

Please note that to ensure it arrives in optimal condition, we are currently prefreezing all cookie dough orders overnight prior to despatch, so please allow some extra time for your order to arrive.

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As well as hot cookie dough desserts, our cookie dough is also the perfect inclusion for ice cream & gelato & we manufacture & supply our cookie dough to major ice cream manufacturers across the world.

All the range is safe to eat raw & extremely snackable.  As well as baking into hot desserts, they make delicious dessert toppings & can be used to enhance milkshakes, waffles, cheesecakes and ice cream sundaes. 

Portion control is easy with the frozen chunks, and as opposed to pucks it is easy to add sharing dessert or child size portions to the menu.

Available in 18kg bulk packs for wholesale caterers & manufacturers.   A typical hot cookie dough dessert requires a 100g scoop of cookie dough chunks, so each 18kg pack will make around 180 servings. Also available in handy resealable pouch packs - ideal for sampling,  home baking or sharing as a snack.

We can deliver to you via next day courier using insulated packaging & ice gel packs, or if you're planning to order a lot we can arrange a frozen delivery van for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cookie dough safe to eat raw?

Some specially prepared cookie dough such as Bling Ingredients cookie dough is safe to eat raw. It is made without raw eggs and uses specially heat-treated flour. The cookie dough is formed into chunks which are immediately frozen to keep them fresh. They are perfect to eat raw in ice cream, cheesecakes or milkshakes or just on their own!

What cookie dough is suitable for making hot desserts?

Bling Ingredients supply frozen cookie dough chunks which can be used straight from the freezer for baking and microwaving into hot cookie dough desserts aka pizookies and skillet cookies.

What can you make with Bling cookie dough?

Bling Ingredients’ edible cookie dough chunks are tasty & safe to eat raw in milkshakes, ice cream, gelato and pretty much anything yummy you can think of! They are produced in bite-sized frozen chunks which are also great for snacking.

Where can I buy cookie dough in the UK?

Bling Ingredients supplies convenient frozen cookie dough chunks in different sizes & flavours, including chocolate chip and classic vanilla.

How should Bling cookie dough be stored?

Bling Ingredients’ edible cookie dough chunks are frozen as soon as they're made to keep them fresh. They can be stored in the freezer for several months and defrosted when required, to eat raw or bake into desserts.

Where can you buy cookie dough to put into my ice cream?

Bling Ingredients supplies individual frozen cookie dough chunks which are perfect for making cookie dough ice cream and gelato.

Can Bling Ingredients cookie dough be baked into hot gooey desserts?

It is easy to bake hot cookie dough desserts with these frozen cookie dough pieces. Simply pop them into an oven proof dish (no need to defrost). Bake at 180 degrees C for 12-15 minutes. If you’re in a hurry – a quick 90 second burst in the microwave works just as well

Where can you buy frozen cookie dough pieces?

Bling Ingredients supplies frozen cookie dough chunks in bulk catering packs of 18kg. Each pack contains enough cookie dough to make approximately 180 desserts.

Can you microwave cookie dough to make hot cookie dough desserts?

Frozen cookie dough chunks from Bling Ingredients can be microwaved to make hot cookie dough desserts in a few seconds. Perfect for fast food and dessert parlours wanting to provide a speedy service.

Can you buy brownie dough to make hot brownie desserts?

Bling Ingredients supply frozen chunks of brownie dough that can be baked or microwaved into tasty hot brownie desserts. The chunks of dough contain butter, cocoa & vanilla for a rich chocolatey flavour & they can also be eaten raw and used as dessert toppings or blended into milkshakes.